Japanese Solanaceae Genomics Initiative (JSOL)
10th International Symposium
on Solanaceae Genomics

Novermber 29-30, 2013
Osaka Prefecture University, Nakamozu Campus Conference Hall

Cosponsered by
National BioResource Project Tomato (MEXT, Japan), and
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A) (23248005) (JSPS, Japan)

Important Dates
Abstract submission deadline: November 24
Mixer registration deadline: November 21
Registration deadline: November 30
Invited Speakers
Dr. Richard Finkers (Wageningen University)
will give a lecture on
"Tomato 150+ Resequencing Project"
Dr. Ryohei Terauchi (Iwate Biotechnology Research Center)
will give a lecture on
"MutMap, and MutMap-Gap"
R&D Center for the Plant Factory (November 29, evening)
Osaka Prefecture University Plant Factory Center is in
Nakamozu Campus, just a 5-min walk distance from the
Conference hall.
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