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  • An Excel-based tool to retrieve Arabidopsis gene information.



  • A database to retrieve information on microarray gene expression in plants.
  • The Xcorn database, upgraded from CoP, is released.


  • A database of a research on regulatory networks of Arabidopsis,
    based on a large dataset of over-expression experiments.
  • RnR provides information on microarray and mass spectrometry datasets
    from about 200 over-expression experiments.
Not yet

Gcorn plant

  • A database for retrieving functional and evolutionary traits of plant genes.
  • Gcorn plant provides information on homologous gene groups of 73 plants.
  • Other Gcorn databases will be released such as Gcorn fungi, Gcorn protozoa, etc.
Not yet

Xcorn plant

  • A database of quantitative transcriptome analyses of plants.
  • At present, Xcorn plant contains microarray analyses of plants (28,107 samples of 12 plants).
  • In the near future, Xcorn will contain RNA-Seq analyses from next-generation sequencing.
Not yet


  • A database of RNA-Seq analyses in plants.
Not yet


  • A GUI & one-click-executing toolkit for next-generation sequencing
    such as analyses of SNP (DNA), RNA-Seq (RNA), & microbiome (16S rDNA).
  • The present version of the MagicSuite package is 1.3 as of July 2018.
Very soon


  • Databases of correlation network analyses of microbiome in various organisms.
  • At present, there are databases of ant, cat, chicken, cow, dog, horse, panda, and pig.
Not yet

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