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About ConfeitoGUI

♦ Abstract

ConfeitoGUI is a stand-alone tool for extracting local communities (or network module in this site), based on the Confeito algorithm. The Confeito algorithm is an algorithm to extract network modules from a correlation network.

♦ Usage

♦ Steps for analysis

  1. Array Data Converter (optional): to change raw data of microarray experiments by Affymetrix and Agilent into a text-formatted file.
  2. Correlation Tool: to create a correlation matrix between elements. Cosine and Pearson correlation coefficients are selectable.
  3. Preprocessing Tool: to make a two-column list composed of identifiers of elements and names of files including correlation data by elements.
  4. Check Tool: to check files of correlation data.
  5. FPO (False-Positive-Out) analysis: to select out elements that are highly and excusively correlated to each other and thus, are composed of a network module.
    • Among elements with high correlation coefficients to an element, there can be some elements with high correlation to any (or a lot of) elements; namely “false-positive” elements.
    • ConfeitoGUI can efficiently remove out such false-positive elements from a network module.
  6. FNI (False-Negative-In) analysis (optional): for a network module, to select out elements that are specifically related to the module, in spite of low correlation coefficient to the eleements included in the module, namely “false-negative” elements.
    • Using tools for detecting local communities from a network including the FPO analysis, it is difficult to detect such elements, because of low correlation coefficients to elements of the module.
    • By combining the FPO and FNI analyses, ConfeitoGUI can remove out false-positive elements and select out false-negative elements.

♦ Comparison with the other tools for community detection

To check the accuracy of network modules that are extracted from ConfeitoGUI, we obtained a dataset of mouse microarray experiments from Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO), NCBI and compared ConfeitoGUI with the other tools for community detection in their memberships of network modules.

♦ References

♦ The advanced version of ConfeitoGUI

The version in this site is an academic-free version. About the advanced (or full) version of ConfeitoGUI, ask Kazusa DNA Research Institute.

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